About the authors

Meet your Wheaties:


B. Schmidt
Location: The 405
Due to her frequent hair-dyeing, Ms. Schmidt will be represented by LimeCat. (Glasses added for accuracy.)  The high speed at which she changes her (often wild) hair color is simply too  fast to be captured by any camera.

Kiely MitchellKiely Mitchell
Associate editor
Location: The 405
After a life-changing summer in New York City, she hopes to return after college and live on the obscenely small salary that an entry-level job at A Book Publisher will pay her. For now, she focuses on having a good senior year and staying out of the quicksand that is the Bible Belt while writing about it.

Staff writer
Location: The 918
Britt is undoubtedly the funniest bitch on the block, so it’s only appropriate that she be represented by the ROFLphant. In a past life, she was Marilyn Monroe and starred in “Sex and the City.”

Le ChevLe Chev
Staff writer
Location: The 405
Le Chev is an aspiring writer with his sights set on becoming the next Joss Whedon. His interests include cardigans, David Boreanaz and randomly bursting into song and dance.