iPhone > Google


I have several friends who have received Google Wave and Voice invites. I’ve been given Google Wave and Google Voice invites.

I waved goodbye to both.


Screen shot 2009-10-07 at 16.41.38

Because anything Google Wave and Voice can do, my iPhone and I can do better.

If you don’t know what Wave is, watch Google’s video here.

Or, for the Sparknotes version: It’s only really useful if you’re collaborating on a project and need feedback from those in your group. Even then, calling them up and talking to them would probably be easier.

Google Voice is like having a secretary/cell phone combo. Read about it here.

It does almost 10 things an iPhone won’t:

1. Listen In: Basically you can listen to a person before you take his or her call. It reminds me of ¬†secret three-way-calls. (Think “Mean Girls” here.)

2. Phone routing: Don’t want to talk to Mom? Send her call to your secretary at the office.

3. Voicemail transcripts: Oh man. I have Voice Command on my iPhone. It can’t tell the difference between “Play artist Lady Gaga” and “Call Laura *****.” I’ll admit that it would be entertaining to read how those voicemails are transcribed.

4. Share voicemail: All this is is sending a sound file via email.

5. Personalize greeting: Your voicemail plays certain greetings for certain people. Good for people being stalked.

6. Call recording: Yeah, that isn’t always legal. I’d be careful with that feature.

7. Call switch: I could only see that being useful when you phone is dying.

Wave and Voice would have been revolutionary in the days before the smartphone, sure. But in today’s world when even rich 6-year-olds have an iPhone, Wave and Voice pretty much old technology.

-B. Schmidt

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