BONES 5.03

Dear sexual tension, where have you gone?

Seriously. It was like Booth and Brennan just met.

Oh, there was plenty of talk of sex, which I found greatly entertaining. But the only chemistry going on here was in test tubes and beakers in the lab.

I was surprised that my favorite parts of last night’s ep were Cam’s scenes. She is dealing with Michelle and Michelle’s boyfriend. Cam must come to grips with the fact that she’s raising a horny teenager. So Cam consults the whole lab to see what she should do, including intern Clark.

Clark is my least favorite intern. He’s boring. He whines. I will be SO pissed if he’s picked as Zack’s replacement. (Not that you can really replace Zack.)

The case is mediocre. It had great potential, sure. But the way it concluded was shitty. They just suddenly knew who did it. Like I said, shitty.

Anywho, this ep did have some great funny moments:

Screen shot 2009-10-02 at 03.43.01

Brennan to Cam, when she caught Cam reading from “Talking to Your Teen About Sex”: “Is that a cartoon rendering of a penis in your book?”

Cam: “Uh, why, I guess it is. Look at that…”

Brennan: “Why is it talking?”

Cam: “Isn’t Booth expecting you?”

Brennan: “It’s cute.” *walks out*

-B. Schmidt


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