Going Once, Going Twice, Going…Downhill?

Gossip Girl 3.03, “The Lost Boy”

This episode was discouraging, to be frank. So I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it. Follow the jump to see what my grumpy fan vibes are all about.

Basically, Georgina is obsessed with Dan, who isn’t really wanting a relationship with her. Nate is STILL the most boring character in network television. Blair and Chuck were annoyingly competing over a painting for their own reasons. Serena goes back and forth between hating and loving Carter so many times that I lost count. Scott tells V his secret but pansies out when it comes to telling Rufus so he just says that he’s Rufus’ son’s brother. Bree knows Carter somehow and her fam hates him. She threatens him at the end of the ep. Scott leaves behind a teary Vanessa en route back to Boston.


Come on, writers. This was a WIZZZ-EAK episode. I love Gossip Girl’s quirky lines as much as the next fan but all of the auction jokes were too much. And why don’t you just go ahead and kill off Nate? I mean, you’re not doing anything with him anyway. I can always Google pics of Chace Crawford if I start to miss the guy.

Were there any good things about this ep? Jenny’s hair. V and S’s (simultaneous responses) to Dan sneaking out of Georgina’s dorm room:

V: Please tell me it’s Georgina and not Blair

S: Please tell me it’s Blair and not Serena

Aaaaand, well, that’s about it. Here’s to hoping the next ep is better. Though Hillary Duff and Tyra Banks are in it so I’m not super hopeful. Gossip Girl, you better watch it. It’s about time for me to evaluate my show sched and cut my losses. 90210 already said adios. Will you be next?


Le Chev


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