GLupdate 9/22

Glee_logoToday marks the start of a new thing. My GLupdates will bring you the newest and hottest news from the set of GLEE (my newest and most powerful obession). These GLEE Updates aren’t scheduled or structured. Whenever I hear something, I’ll put it up as fast as I can! To kick off this new feature, here’s some MAJOR news.


GLEE has been picked up for a full season! That’s right! Yesterday FOX picked up the back 9 episodes of the musicomedy, upping its first season episode count to a full 22. Can you believe it? I’m pretty shocked, actually. I mean, I know it’s been doing really well and has A HUGE following already, but it’s so damn expensive to produce and episodes can take up to ten days to shoot. I just figured FOX would renew it for a second, 13-episode season. This is so much better. Hopefully you’re as excited as I am…though I’m not quite sure that’s humanly possible.

Also, head over to iTunes right now. “Somebody to Love” and “Taking Chances” were both added to the Glee Cast recording list, bringing the downloadable song list to 11. God I’m not going to have any money by Sweeps Week.

Okay, that’s it for this innagural GLupdate. Stay tuned for future entries and watch GLEE tomorrow night at 8pm Central on FOX!

-Le Chev


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