Fresh Meat with a Side of Drama

Holy Freshman Orientation, Batman! Nobody does it better than our fave Upper East-Siders.

The second ep of season three loses no steam as it plunges the recent grads of Constance-Billard and St. Jude’s (and home school, in Vanessa’s case) directly into college life…or what it would be like if you were uber rich in NYC.

Oh where to begin? There were so many good things about “The Freshman”. Let’s start with Blair’s first-day-of-Orientation outfit. A beautiful, deep red, blouse and skirt combo? Check. Matching pearl braclet and headband? Check. Fading highlights and a weird haircut? Check…unfortunately. Seriously, what happened to Leighton Meester’s hair in between filming the premier and this ep?

Vanessa’s hair, on the other hand, was MUCH better than last week. I didn’t see one faux-dreadlock due to bad extensions. Get it girl. But what was with Georgina’s ‘do? A ponytail for the entire p? Really? Michelle Trachtenberg has gorgeous hair and it makes me sad that the hair/makeup gurus threw it into a bland ponytail. Boo.

Okay, enough hair talk. Let’s get to the actual story.



Blair, Dan, Vanessa and Georgina are all preoccupied with Orientation Week at NYU. Blair has everything in line to start her four-year campus monarchy–gift baskets for the girls in her dorm, a swanky sushi/sake party and headbands for all. The problem? Everyone likes the new bestie dream team, Georgina and Vanessa. Did anyone else think it was weird about how adamant V was in befriending G? I mean, at least Dan showed a little apprehension.

Anyway, B and G pretty much dueled the entire episode. It was awesome. My favorite dialogue segment last night was concerning Georgina’s spiritual status:

Blair: So you’re not in love with Jesus anymore?

Georgina: Oh, I still hold him in my heart but Jesus and I have redefined our relationship.

Blair: You mean he dumped you because he found out you were Satan!!!

Seriously, the writing was spot-on last night. Kudos to Amanda Lasher! The Bass Cave was another fun bit of writing. Oh Chuck and his self-referential terms…

Speaking of C, his drama with S was the second biggest storyline last night. His newest scheme involved setting up an elegant restaurant in an old bank. What would be do with the underground vault? Turn it into a Speakeasy of course! A club where the coat check girls “give happy endings”. Is his latest endeavor this season’s Victrola? It’s a definite possibility.

But then Serena had to go and shoot it to hell, with the help of Carter. S was really annoying last night. She bitched about not wanting to go to Brown, yelled at Rufus, intentionally sabotaged C’s business meeting and then cried to Carter in the end. I don’t care if you have daddy issues or not, girlfriend. You need to lock it up. I actually kind of feel bad for Carter. S seems like she’s using him. He called her out on it but in the end she said she wanted him and they shared a passionate kiss. My Uh-Oh senses are tingling…

So what are we left with? Blair learning that college is a whole different department store. As she put it, “The minute you cross 14th street people forget there’s a class system!” I’m excited to see what schemes she has up her lace-lined sleeves. She won’t give up her dreams of Campus Queen that easily. Also, what the EFF is Georgina planning? Aside from doing Dan. I’m nervous…

One more thing: I might’ve spoke too soon on the whole Nate-having-an-interesting-storyline-this-year thing. He and Bree literally spent the entire episode in one room. It was this weird dare to see if they could get sick of each other? LAME. Nate’s grandpa needs to throw a golden wrench in their love machine so things will get dramatic interesting.


Le Chev


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