Music Monday

What your TRW staffers are listening to this week:


It might sound odd, but this is one of my favorite albums of all time. Frou Frou is also my favorite band. I thought the line “Excuse me/Too busy writing your tragedy” from “Let Go” appropriate because I’m working on my novel. (Which you can read about here.)

-B. Schmidt


“Laughing With” is an incredibly sad, incredibly truthful song from Regina Spektor’s new album “Far”. This song is more reminiscent of her earlier albums, with only piano accompaniment for her unique, heart-string-tugging voice. I have to say I love the lyrics, too – they’re almost cliche, but not quite to the point where they seem ridiculous. Instead, they bring power and emotion to the song, and Spektor is the only person who can truly pull off this feat.

And have you seen the video? Oh my Magritte. It’s beautiful.

-Kiely Mitchell


“Already Gone” by Kelly Clarkson

I was already a K. Clark fan after American Idol but after I watched her on Divas this past Thursday I nearly died. She was phenomenal and her performance of this song in particular brought me to tears. She looked stunning despite a recent weight gain that I’m sure all have heard about from the Oscars and her singing was off the charts. If I could find her performance with Melissa Etheridge I’d be listening to that. Di. Va.

– Britt


I’ve had Leona Lewis’ new single, “Happy”, on repeat all weekend. Powerful lyrics, great background beats and Lewis’ emotion-filled performance all make this a track to listen to over and over and over…

-Le Chev


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