Music industry: Go fuck yourself



I love music. I don’t do anything without it. I live with my earbuds in, and when I’m at work, we have a pretty decent playlist playing in the background.

I think artists should be paid a fair amount for their work, whether it be through physical CD sales or things like iTunes. But I do not think the music industry should overstep like it’s trying very hard to.

I was enraged when I read this article on Gizmodo. Really guys? Really?

The RIAA is already allowed to sue people for an ungodly amount of money for each song they deem stolen, but this is just adding insult to injury.

The industry is going to do itself in. If they win this, two things could happen:

1. iTunes et. al. pull 30-second previews. If I can’t be sure it’s the right song, I’m not buying it. Sorry.

2. iTunes et. al. charge for 30-second previews, world stops buying music and turns to illegally downloading (more) to avoid being charged unnecessarily.

As you can see, it leads to one conclusion:

People will stop buying music and resort to illegally downloading it even more than they already do.

I almost want the industry to win just so I can watch their worlds come crashing down around their ears. (Because that would be entertaining.) But deep down I know it would only hurt music itself, which I do not want.

Here’s how I see it: I download from iTunes as a courtesy to the artist. I don’t give a fuck about record execs. If they bite the hand that feeds, shit will get ugly. And it will happen quickly.

Your move, music industry.

-B. Schmidt


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