Bones S4 recap


This show is fantastic. Really. They throw in enough science (real and fake) to keep me from drowning in drama. It’s also refreshing to have a leading woman who’s extremely intelligent, independent, not overly sappy and relationship-obsessed. (Meredith Grey, I am talking to you.)

The show focuses on Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan (played by the fabulous Emily Deschanel (and yes, Zooey is her sister)) and Special Agent Seeley Booth of the FBI (played by the gorgeous David Boreanaz.)  Also appearing are members of what Booth calls “The Squint Squad.” (“Squints” are sciency-people who “squint at things.”) Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin) does reconstructions and seriously badass things with computers, Dr. Camille “Cam” Seroyan (Tamara Taylor) does autopsies and toxicology and Dr. Jack Hodgins (TJ Thyne) specializes in bugs and slime. Then there is poor Dr. Lance Sweets (the adorable John Francis Daley) the FBI psychologist who fits in with no one.

L-R: Thyne, Conlin, Boreanaz, Deschanel, Daley and Taylor

L-R: Thyne, Conlin, Boreanaz, Deschanel, Millegan and Taylor

We lost Brennan’s assistant, Zack Addy (Eric Millegan), at the end of season three. But we pick up a string of (sometimes) lovable interns. My favorite would have to be Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry), because… well… look at him:

Mmm Michael Grant Terry

Mmm Michael Grant Terry

Hold on. I need a moment…

OK, anyway, in case you missed season four, here’s a brief recap of what went down:

• Angela and Hogins break up.

•  Sweets starts dating the uber-annoying intern, Daisy

• Booth and Brennan still go to FBI-mandated counseling

• Zack escapes from the loony bin and helps solve a case. He admits he did not do the crime for which he was institutionalized. He is returned to the hospital.

• Brennan is working on another book

• Angela and Hodgins are able to kind-of-but-not-really be friends

• Angela starts dating her ex-girlfriend, Roxie

• Brennan’s acquitted murderer father, Max Keenan, gets a job teaching kids at the Jeffersonian. Brennan flips shit.

• Booth starts hallucinating

• Cam becomes a parent when an ex is murdered and leaves his 16-year-old daughter an orphan

• Angela and Roxie break up

• Brennan decided she wants to have a child. Booth’s child.

• Booth has a brain tumor

Then we have the season finale. It was an alternate-reality ep. It was OK. Sort of. (I missed the science.) Booth and Brennan had sex in it, which is  what fans were promised, but it wasn’t real. (So unfair.) As far as I know, they don’t get together in season five, either. *Sigh*

Dare to dream

Dare to dream

I’ll be patient. For now.


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