Bargain bins beware

Since subscribing to Rachel Zoe’s Zoe Report, while still staying updated through my usual means of course, my life has certainly changed for the better. The woman is a genius. I love looking (and drooling) over high fashion as much as the next broke fashionista (can you be that?) but let’s be honest. College kids don’t make diddly and it gets worse when they can’t find even a part-time job. (Read: my life currently.)

So with that in mind, my favorite part about her reports is the little section at the bottom titled Attention: Broke Ass Parallel Universe. I basically thrive off of it, because she tells you exactly where to find an item similar to the aforementioned high-fashion piece she owns and/or raves over, for a much lower price. (I just said that in my best door-to-door vacuum salesman voice.)

With the economy the way it is, a lot of fashion and style magazines are taking the route of teaching women how to shop on a budget, mix and match higher priced peices with bargains and shop their closets. My point: Even those things are sometimes pricey.

So, I have taken it upon myself to do you one better. When the Parallel Universe items or anything great I see in a mag are out of reach for me, I’ll go find the next best thing I can afford and pass the deets on to you. Of course, (for those of you who are a little more financially stable than I am at the moment) I’ll post the original items, too.

So open your wallets (only a little) and minds, here we go.

Mod Squad

Last week, I mentioned the new line, España by O.P.I. I’m not taking it back. I am obsessed, still. But, prior to that, RZ mentioned her latest fave, a Chanel polish called Intermezzo. Now, I’m all for a splurge in the name of Chanel but $23 is a lot of shots. Parallel Universe suggested an Ulta polish called Snow White. I would never disregard a suggestion from the House of Zoe, so I tried it but this polish ended up looking like I’d painted my nails with White-out during 2nd period English. Although it was $2 more, I settled on an O.P.I Soft Shade, Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. I ended up loving this color, because it wasn’t quite the ivory RZ suggested, it had a touch of pink to it. It still had the mod look, and it didn’t clash with my makeup or outfits (a shared pet peeve for RZ and me). Plus, like she said, a light color is nice because if and when it chips, it doesn’t show like a dark color will. However, when the cold weather hits, switch to your España colors. 😉

It’s a charmed life.

Next on my list of great finds is this necklace from Target. It’s a really great, longer length and around $12 is a freakin’ steal. The Parallel Universe suggestion isn’t too far off the mark, I just can’t actually find it in a store and I don’t know about you but shipping costs are unfortunately crucial in my purchase decision. The Charmed Hearts necklace is lovely. But nowhere near affordable. If you can buy it, come over to my house. We need to be friends.

That’s all the shopping I’ve had time for in the past couple of days, but you know I’ll find more in no time flat. Until then, happy shopping!



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