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So, I’m going here. Amid the massive amounts of negative press about Kanye’s outburst at the VMAs Sunday night, I’m impressed with him. WTF? you might say. He took a huge chance not only scheduling time to talk to Jay Leno on the premiere of his new show, The Jay Leno Show, but also to perform period. As Jay pointed out, most celebs cancel or have their publicists inform their hosts they conveniently can’t make it. Kanye didn’t.

That earned him at least one point back in my book. Granted, he needs all the positive press he can get right now, with radio stations and fans across the country boycotting his music.

Then, Jay asked the question you never ask a momma’s boy: “What would your mother say to you about all this?” To which Kanye responded tearfully. You could tell that he was very somber and upset the moment he walked onto the set. One more point. Then among his other statements, he said “.. but I was wrong. Period.” Take two points, K.

I won’t lie, I tweeted and updated my Facebook status to say Kanye is a tool almost immediately after I saw him take the mic from Taylor. (I fucking hate Taylor Swift, for the record. Second only to Miley Cyrus on my hate list.) However, let’s all be really honest with each other. (I mean, we’re friends, right?) How many times have you gotten drunk – or been sober – and said something to your friend, boy/girlfriend, parents and even strangers that was way out of line and way uncalled for? Probably more than you’ll acknowledge. (Shame on you.) I know my last outburst happened last weekend and I felt it’s wrath for a few days. I cannot imagine being under the pressure Kanye is after last night. He also owes Beyonce a huge thank you because she did a wonderful and classy job of smoothing that situation over.

I am in no way condoning what he did, but what I am saying is he’s human. We surely have all put the proverbial foot in our mouths. That’s all he did last night. Planned or not, he said he was wrong and he said on the Leno show he wants to apologize to Taylor in person and take a little break from music to reevaluate his life.

I can’t also help but wonder why we hold these celebrities to standards miles above any we hold ourselves or our peers to. Sure, they put themselves in the public eye. I get that. But can any of us honestly say we’d act any differently? A candid photo of them pops up and it’s all Holy shit! Look at her fat rolls! Exclusive Interviews or Is that a baby bump? or She must be a tranny if she’s that hot. It’s awful really. You’d better believe all the candids of me that pop up on Facebook or elsewhere are promptly untagged and deleted. I would be livid if some trashy magazine editor was nitpicking my flaws behind closed doors. Then they drink and it’s all Exclusive: Her Trip To Rehab or Damn! That girl can slam some beer. And if we’re going down that road, I’m really screwed. If they saw me when I drink my life would be a shit storm of bad headlines. Yikes, I feel a tangent coming on. I shouldn’t.

I say, more power to Kanye. He really is a very talented person. Chalk another one up to a man’s ego getting the better of them. (Which neeever happens, right guys?) I hope he really does pull through and apologize to her, and then I hope he doesn’t ever drink like that before a major award show and continues on the lifelong human struggle to think before one acts. That’s really all he (or any of us for that matter) can do, because that footage is already down in YouTube, Hulu, Twitter and Google history.

Peace, posed photos and kind words,



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