VMAs. Chaos.

Here is my opinion on the VMAs in one word each.

Michael Jackson tribute: unreal.
Madonna: masculine. (what she said was great)
Taylor Swift: overrated.
Kanye West: tool.
Lady Gaga: terrifying.
B. Spears: ringleader.
Green Day: stupid.
Megan Fox: hot.
Kristen, Rob & Taylor
Twilight trailer: I’m excited. Sorry.
Chase Crawford: yum.
Beyonce: diva.
Diddy: funny
Gerard Butler: marryme.
Muse: who?
Eminem: back.
Serena Williams: large.
Pink: acrobatic. (fave)
Russell Brand: British.
Beyonce: classy.
Kanye: you still suck.
Jay-z & Alicia: flawless. NY.


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