Music Monday

What your TRW staffers are listening to this week:


My Music Monday selection is far from new. There was no denying Brit was
back once this album dropped. From “Womanizer” to “If U Seek Amy,” it was classic B Spears. And I’m seeing the Diva in Tulsa so I’ve been prepping myself by blaring “Circus” every chance I get! Expect a full report of the concert on Wednesday.

-Le Chev


“Locked Up” from Ingrid Michaelson’s new album Everybody is probably my favorite song on the CD, although it’s impossible to actually pick one. Although it tends toward rock a bit more than do the other songs on this album or others (it channels songs like “The Hat”), it’s still one of my favorites, with strong lyrics and a good beat to back them up.

This whole album is an evolution of Ingrid’s style, and although I’ve already reviewed it here, I’ll say it again. These songs are about what happens after the initial loving phase of a relationship. Some of them are happier, but many of them are about what happens when love just isn’t enough to sustain the relationship. “Locked Up” might be kind of a sad song, but it’s also a song of strength, a song about growth–which is something everyone just getting out of a bad breakup can use.

Plus it’s fun to drive and rock out to it.

-Kiely Mitchell


‘Use Somebody’ – Kings of Leon

Basically, I’m obsessed with them. They aren’t my typical taste in music, but I’m trying to branch out a little. What it means for my week? Not really sure, but I’m going to apply it in my search for new and better people to surround myself with.

Enjoy 🙂


OK, yes, I do realize how nerdy this is, but I’m really excited “Bones” is back on Thursday! In fact, a lot of good TV is about to return! On that note, we here at TRW are mildly obsessed with our favorite shows, so we’ll be putting up in-depth reviews come premiere time. Personally, I’m going to hurry and re-watch S4 of “Bones” and write a recap to prep for S5, so watch for that on Thurs. TV this month is going to be fantastic!

-B. Schmidt


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