Just Press Play (please…)

TV marketing strategies are getting pretty ridic. The latest example? This little bit of news reported by our fave TV guru, Michael Ausiello. Basically, ABC has recruited Marc Cherry (creator/exectuive producer of Desperate Housewives) and his band of writers to create 8 mini-soap opera-ish commericals for Sprint. They’ll run during Desperate Housewives.

I’m sorry–what? For real? This is how you’re trying to solve the DVR, anti-commercial crisis? I can tell you right now I don’t give two shits about some plot line-driven Sprint commerical. I don’t care that it’s written by Marc Cherry and I don’t care that it’ll be on during DH. If I record a show, I’m going to fast forward commericals. Sorry boutcha network television, blame TiVo.

I realize that we wouldn’t have TV shows if it weren’t for the companies and products be advertised in between acts, but I think this is a lost cause. If people watch it live, commercial breaks are for peeing, grabbing snacks and chatting about what just happened. If people record it, they’re going to skip commercials. It’s physics.

Catch you on the recorded side,

Le Chev


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