Grey’s Anatomy S6 Teaser: Bittersweet ‘Good Mourning’

Today, I watched the Season 6 Grey’s Anatomy preview on my Hulu Desktop (which, if you don’t have, you need).

This summer has been a time of very conflicting emotions for me, regarding this show. I have been a faithful watcher since season two. I never watched TV religiously until college, and now I watch about four shows weekly (thankfully, one is Lost, so I steer clear of that addiction until January). But I digress–this show, for me, has stood the test of time.

I loved season one. I loved season two. Season three, in my opinion, was probably the best–and not only because they added Eric Dane to the cast. Season four? Well, not my favorite–too much sex and crazy people, not enough medical drama. Season five–back to the glory days.

And then the real drama hit.


Hit the jump for thoughts on the upcoming season and to watch the teaser for yourself.

There had been rumblings of discontent between “someone on the cast” and the writers/producers for months, and only nearing the finale did it come to a head. Both TR Knight and Katherine Heigl were unsure of returning to the show, and I was not pleased. Heigl, although she tends to say some stupid things, is still one of my favorite actresses because she is just good. I wish she would do movies that show her real talent, although she’s great in the chick flicks. She has real strengths in intense scenes, and she’d be great in other movies.

But TR Knight. I can’t stand either him or his Grey’s character, George O’Malley. I understand that Knight went through some tough times with Isaiah Washington in…season two? But that aside, his real issue apparently was that his character wasn’t getting enough screen time. Uh, hello, were you around for season four? Because that entire season was focused on George. George and Callie. George and Izzie. And let’s not forget the melodrama that was George and Meredith for the first two seasons. Not every season can be about George.

While I will miss George in some ways (he was a very good friend to everyone and really did pull through), I won’t miss his pansy, wishy-washy ways when it comes to most things. I found it extremely ironic that he wrote 007 into Mer’s hand as he lay incapacitated in the ER – that one word number (?) was the bane of his existence all of the years at Seattle Grace, and it was at the same time the most representative of his character. He went through the years messing up people’s lives. Like it or not, it’s true.

But I’m not completely heartless. And while watching this teaser, for the first time since George O’Malley died, I cried. I cried hard.

Here’s the link to watch the video. Sorry, I couldn’t find a way to embed it (curse you, WordPress!) and it’s not on YouTube or anything yet.

When you see pictures like this, how can you not?

Picture 2

Maybe it’s just my dedication to the show. Maybe it’s because I love Callie, although I think she is a bratty heiress who doesn’t really know who she is yet. Maybe I secretly do have a soft spot for George (ok, that’s true, I do).

The trailer goes on, hysterics from all. And then Lexie jumps in, ever desperately optimistic, with, “Look at his feet. Look how tall he is. That’s not George!”

Well, but of course it is. No one else would sign 007 to Meredith, one of the few people who would know what it means.

But still. What a potentially game-changing moment, right? Was Izzie and George’s elevator moment really both of them dying, or was it just Izzie seeing her best friend before she went into the light?

How to solve this dramatic situation?? (Hint: Show the bus girl a picture of George and ask if it’s him.) But how can we figure this out?

So September 24th, I will see you on ABC at 9E/8C pm.


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  1. Le Chev

    Totally just downloaded Hulu Desktop. LOVE.

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