Project Runway

Good morning, bloggers! (In my best Tim Gunn voice.)

Project Runway is back. What does this mean? Every girl on the planet is hating their life and pining for Heidi’s long legs and perfect bod. (I mean, is she serious?) I’ve done a little dating with my DVR and here’s what I’ve gotten so far.

Arie - Too weird for TV.I hate the first episode of any show like this. I can’t remember who is who. Fortunately I do remember Arie because she went home. She designed that weird hoodie fit for the futuristic college classroom. Awesome! Wait, wasn’t their challenge red carpet? I also remember Chris (from Minnesota) because he won with that punk inspired ruffle dress that was freaking phenom. I wish Lindsay Lohan hadn’t said she would wear it, because I try to steer clear of her fashion choices, but it’s fine.
Then there was Mitchell. He spent almost the entire show smocking that “fabulous collar” that was really kinda drabulous if you ask me. So he didn’t have time and literally sent down a nude model. Really? Strike one, M. Then in the second episode (pregnancy challenge) he designs the supposedly-cute parachute shorts that two other girls (literally) fit into at the same time. The concept of his preg outfit was SO cute in theory, but really, REALLY badly constructed. Strike Two. It’s sad because he has had pretty good ideas so far, he just can’t seem to get it together. Get a grip, Mitchy!

Freaking Heidi comes out in leopard and ankle boots. WTFab. The designers have to create a chic outfit for prego (with twins) super model, Rebecca Romijn. The finished design can be for any event, the only criteria is that it be form fitting to show off her pregnancy ‘curves’. (Isn’t there just one obvious one?) Ok, in this episode I’m starting to remember peoples’ names. Logan is kinda cute, but way whiny. “Babies kinda scare me I guess,” he says. Huh? I don’t even want kids, like ever, but I’m not scared of them. Grow a pair Logey. He redeemed himself by designing that spectacular white tunic and black leggings. Cute for fat and pregnant girls alike!

So far, I’m pulling for Carol Hannah. She is super cute and bubbly, but I also think I’m pulling for her because she’s the “small-town” girl who is a fashion designer and interested in fashion (like me!). Her teal dress was perfect. But that ruffle jacket looked like something from the Hannah Montana line at Wal-mart.

Johnny. Let’s talk. That floral print jacket looks like the jumper my mom made me wear on picture day in 2nd grade. Way to not send it down the runway. Also the piping on that cute ruffle dress? Not a fan. Louise hand died the burgundy lace and is making the 20s inspired negligee. Her sketch was gorg but it just did not translate to the finished product. It would make a beautiful nightgown but it’s just too slip-y for my taste. The judges seemed to love it. I disagree. It happens. Shirin designed a beautiful burgundy cocktail dress and a wool jacket with pretty, coordinating floral lining. Heidi is right, the most wearable. She ended up winning the challenge, which gave her immunity for next week.

Melvin. Sick. See ya.Who the hell is this Melvin? That hair and those glasses, get over yourself. You are not Christian Siriano and you are not fierce. Ok, and this is not dinosaur-chic.

Why on earth would you make a beautiful, pregnant woman look like an EGG. Nina was totally right, it looked exactly like she has already had the baby and she’s carrying it in the sling. I wanted him to go home, that concept shit just doesn’t resonate with everyone. Have a safe trip.

Ra’mon designed the ‘bowling ball’ dress and made the Stella reference. (I miss her leatha face.) Purposely pointing out the baby and making the belly look even bigger … kinda gross, actually. Love the color though.

Then, in episode 3 the designers take a field trip to the beach. Tim Gunn shows up in flip flops and sunnies, but he kept his blazer on and he is still making it work. The challenge is beach and surf wear that transitions from the beach to the street. Except this time they are working in teams of two. I think surfwear is hard as it is, and now these people have to make friends and work together, and only on $50. Yikes. As if it weren’t bad enough, Tim comes in and tells the designers they are creating a second look. Except the second one is an Avant Garde surfwear chic look. Seems like an oxymoron to me, but I guess we’ll find out. Capital WTF is right, Ra’mon.

Mitchell/Ra’mon: Poor R said it himself, he has a bullseye on him because of M. But then he got inspired by a wetsuit. Hmm, I can’t say I’ve ever actually been in a wetsuit, but I think a wetsuit should only serve its original purpose. It shouldn’t inspire anything else. Ew. Poor Ra’mon decided to die that green neoprene fabric. I thought it was pretty avant garde with just the lime green. I’m very curious to see it go down the runway.

Verdict: Holyfreakingcrap. That avant garde look freaking blew me away. WAY TO GO RA’MON! I cannot beleive he won, but he deserved it after everything he went through. Mitchell admitted he didn’t do anything but the swimsuit, which you couldn’t even see. Strike Three. He’s out.three strikes, you're out.

Qristyl/Epperson: arguing already in Mood, E doesn’t even like the green Q chose. Uh oh, I’m smelling disaster. Even worse is when Epperson tries to tell her how to sew. Is he joking? Like, hi, Epp. Q got on the show the same way you did. Lay off.

Logan/Chris: C saw the ocean for the first time. Those rock and roll peices with the gold spray paint look were in.sane. Like, I’m about to pull out my white jeans and spray a little gold on them. Ugh.

Nicolas/Gordana: making that baby blue all lace avant garde look. Is that a joke? Tranny chic? Those open front pants are nasty. I don’t even remember you from the first two shows and I think you’ll be homeward bound soon. I can’t even blame Gordana because she flatly said it was his whole idea.

So far, I’m pretty impressed. I haven’t picked a favorite yet. (Yes, I remember what I said about CH.) More to come as I play catch up!




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