Don’t Stop WBelievin’

So, I watched the pilot ep of “The Vampire Diaries” Last night on theCW. Yeah. Couldn’t help myself.

Twilight who?

Twilight who?

The funny thing? I didn’t hate it. And I’m probably going to tune in next week. Was it cheesy? Decently so, yes. Was it innovative? Not really. Then why am I considering it adopting it into my Brady Bunch of a TV show watch list? One word, three syllables: Nostalgia.

That’s right. This show was classic, old-school WB. It felt like an early episode of Charmed or Smallville. Neither of which if you recall, didn’t suck at establishing a fan-base.

The show, based on the trilogy of novels of the same name, centers on the recently-orphaned Elena (Degrassi: The Next Generation‘s Nina Dobrev), whose parents recently died in a car accident. She has a younger brother who is falling in with the wrong crowd and a BFF who is quite possibly psychic (and hopefully a witch. You gotta have a witch). She quickly becomes the object of affection of Stephen Salvatore (Paul Wesley, an old Smallville alum), a do-gooder vamp who has recently returned to the town of Mystic Falls (how can you not love that name?). He and Elena’s chemistry is, in my opinion, much more believable than that of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Their awkward silences are more brooding than brutal.

Yes, I comapred it to Twilight. Everyone else is. Which, BTW, is not neceisarrily fair seeing as how the novels this show is based on were written in ’91. So suck it, Stephenie Meyer. What really sets this series apart from Twilight (other than the cast’s ability to actually act and look good at the same time) is the good/evil dynamic. Stephen has an older brother, Damon, who every much still feeds on humans. And likes to cause trouble. Played by the always-intriguing Ian Somerhalder (Smallville, Lost), Damon thinks Stefan is fooling himself and promises to be quite the pain in the fangs in future episodes.

I wouldn’t reccomend this show to everyone. The dialogue is kind of cheesy (I mean, Dawson’s Creek Kevin Williamson is the executive producer after all) and the vampire thing threatens to get stale pretty quickly. However, if you’re like me and you LOVE LOVE LOVE genre television, then maybe you’d dig it. These kind of shows take half a season or so to really find their feet, anyway. Plus, it just reminds me of the good ‘ole WB. Frog and all. I miss the times when shows about the superntural outnumbered mundane teen dramas. CW, I’m talking to you.

Shamelessly flaunting his genre TV obsession and never apologizing,

Le Chev


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