Glee Review – “Showmance”

“There is a very clear bureaucracy when it comes to photocopies.” -Sue Sylverster (Jane Lynch)

This is one of the many lines of last night’s episode that cemented my devotion to GLEE. Not that it was any question really. However, from this episode I learned that the dialogue is just as inventive and entertaining as the show’s many musical performances. It was awkward. It was witty. It was, for lack of a better word, natural.

To me, it seemed like the actors were ad-libbing some of their lines….but in a good way. From the outfit argument between Kurt and Mercedes (Kurt: You need to call me before you dress yourself. Mercedes: You’re a hater. That’s what you are) to Emma’s ridiculously-adorable ramblings (I give council and guidance…because I’m a guidance counselor).

I doubt any of the dialogue is  actually ad-libbed but they just seem that way. And I mean that as a compliment. Ryan Murphy and his team of writers have really captured the essence of high school awkwardness. And adult awkwardness for that matter. Bottom line: GLEE‘s charm doesn’t end with the music.

Speaking of music. DAMN. When Rachel (Lea Michelle) sings Rhianna’s “Take a Bow,” time stops. It’s both heartbreaking and funny… the funny comes from it cutting to scene of her singing in front her mirror (hair brush and all). And who knew Matthew Morrison could rap? Get it, boy. The most surprising musical performance? Head cheerleader Quinn Fabray’s (Diana Agron) rendition of “Say a Little Prayer for You.” I don’t want to admit it (because she’s mean) but girlfriend’s got some pipes.

I’m not even going to talk about the “Push It” performance at the pep rally. It speaks (or bumps and grinds) for itself.

So what do I think? I think GLEE will continue to surprise us. With musical numbers. With dialogue. With plot lines. I think Ryan Murphey and co. are cautious of becoming too gimmicky and are working hard to deliver something unlike we’ve ever seen on TV.

Do I have any concerns? If I HAVE to choose something to fret over, it’s that they are moving pretty fast with the plot. I mean, Finn and Rachel have already shared their first kiss, the Glee club has increased  by three and Emma has (for now) abandoned her crushy crush on Will. Maybe it’s just the producers making the most of their 13-episode season or touching on everything they can in case GLEE doesn’t make it to sophomore year.

But that’s a tiny blip on my GLEEdar. I have so much faith in the show I should start a religion and give ten percent of my weekly earnings to FOX.

It’s official: I’m a GLEEk for life.


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