To be or not to be: the dog or the iron?

Growing up, Monopoly was my favorite board game. Then, when my brother turned seven, he started kicking all of our asses at the game, so we don’t really play anymore – yes, he beat us literally every time. Embarrassing, right?

Anyway. There’s a new virtual reality game in town today, and I think I might get on the bandwagon for this one.

And when I say “in town,” I mean it. It’s actually in my town – or yours, or across the world.


That’s right. The makers of Monopoly have teamed up with Google, specifically GoogleMaps, to create Monopoly City Streets, a real-time global game of Monopoly. “However, Google itself didn’t have a strong hand in building the game; rather, Hasbro’s U.K.-based digital agency directed the process, using the Google Maps API, street data from OpenStreetMap, and occasional guidance from the Google team” (PCWorld).

So how exactly would a game like this work? Well, according to PCWorld:

Here’s how the global Monopoly game will work: You’ll start with $3 million in Monopoly dollars. You’ll then be able to buy any street you can find on Google Maps, whether it’s a major boulevard or a rural road. Some spots will be costlier than others: London’s Downing Street, for example, is said to have a starting pricetag of $231,000, while Washington’s Pennsylvania Avenue is rumored to start at $2 million. If someone else gets to your favorite street before you, you’ll be able to make an offer to buy it away from them.

Apparently, this game is only going to run for about four months after today’s 09-09-09 launch, so if you’re interested in this, you’d better get on it.

If you’re feeling frugal, fear not: Once you start building, the cash will start flowing. A house will automatically earn you $50,000 in rent a day, the Daily Mail claims, while a skyscraper will pull in a cool $100 million daily. You’ll reportedly have four months to do all your bidding before the game ends.

Perhaps the best news of all: Despite the soaring fake-money figures, the game itself won’t cost you a dime to play. (PCWorld)

One more note from The Daily Mail: apparently Chance cards let you build prisons and rubbish dumps (or if you don’t speak The British, a landfill) on your rivals’ streets. Harsh.


The only issue so far is long loading times – I’ve been trying to load the homepage for about ten minutes, with no luck so far. As soon as I get into the game and move around some, I’ll let you know what I think.

Are you in? Have you been playing? What are your thoughts?


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