Kate + Playboy = Britt throw up

Seriously, no one wants to see a reverse mullet, especially a naked one that popped out 6 kids at once. Keep it. Supposedly she was offered $400,000. Maybe Hef will sit next to her on the couch since apparently Jon is “disgusted” with her. Whatever. Losers.

Tila 'I don't drink' Tequila

Tila 'I don't drink' Tequila

In other trailer park news, Tila Tequila apparently citizen-arrested her (now?) ex-boyfriend Shawne Merriman. I’m not going to lie, I did watch her show on MTV and my honest opinion is that they were just having some rough sex and citizens arrest really means, Tila likes handcuffs.

Her defense? “I’m allergic to alcohol.” Is she insane? First of all, reality dating shows provide alcohol by the liter. No way you can tell me she wasn’t drinking.

The last thing I’m even paying attention to is the fact that Rachel Zoe and Bethenny Frankel are totally duking it out via Twitter. I follow both of the Bravo babes and yesterday Bethenny was down right rude.

She tweeted: Is wondering if I’m the only one who can’t get over the self-important nonsense that is rachel zoe.catching up on my dvr.wow……….

to which RZ tweeted: wow talk abt no class bn friends 4yrs rude.RT @Bethenny: Is wondering if I’m the only 1 who cnt get ovr the self-important nonsense that

Bethenny then went on to make fun of RZ’s wardrobe choices and vocab, particularly Rachel’s catch phrase: “I die.”

Not that they probably care what I think, but is Bethenny really criticizing a stylist’s fashion choices? I think I go team Zoe on this one. According to RZ’s tweets the two have been friends for years and she is unsure why Bethenny has “declared war.” Hmm, I’m wondering too. Not really a fan of RHONY anyway, I think they are all way too in-your-face. I guess B proved me right this time. More to come as the Twitter-battle unfolds.

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