Politics in the classroom

obama8… Or not.

MSNBC has released a copy of President Obama’s speech to students, in which he told stories from his childhood, used Republican-esque ineffective “people just like you” stories and failed to mention politics even once.

I don’t understand the big fuss over Obama wanting to talk to students. All he wants is for them to get good grades and make it into a university they will never be able to afford.

As of right now, Sally Kern‘s Web site hasn’t released a response to her first article expressing her disapproval of the speech, but I hope she does comment. Because you know it will be… interesting.

On a scale of 1-10 on how one-sided it was, it was a Joe Liberman. It actually strongly reminds me of something my mother — a high school counselor at a public school — would say to her students.

Honestly, if I were in high school, I would probably have fallen asleep during the speech. It’s too difficult to keep a speech at a level kindergarteners can understand while managing to not insult the older kids’ intelligence. Good effort, Mr. Obama, but not quite achieved.

But really, people should just be glad we have a president who has an IQ higher than his audience’s. (I am talking to you, Dubya.)

-B. Schmidt


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