I wrote you a thank-you card in my head.

I am the world’s worst thank-you card writer. As in, I don’t do them.

I’m not here to justify that in any way. In fact, I’m here to see how many of you will own up to this most horrible of social faux pas. I know it’s not just me.

Thank you for your thank you note

The last time I can remember completing the Thanks-for-everything-I-really-appreciate-it was Christmas as a child and for what I received for my high school graduation.

After graduation, my mother bought me a box of personalized stationary (my initials in a loopy, pink scrawl in the top corner), and told me that I was not allowed to use anything I received until I had written all of my thank you letters, addressed, and mailed them. As rudimentary and embarrassing as that is, I lit a fire under myself and wrote those letters within a few days – all several hundred of them. Well, maybe not that many, but it felt like it. It’s hard to write and rotate ten different variations of “Thank you so much for ____. I really appreciate your kindness/generosity/help as I move into the collegiate/real/adult world.” I hate sending out form letters, so each one had to be different and fill up the entire card. Talk about a cramped hand.

I’m not sure what that said about me as a person, but probably nothing good.

Am I ashamed of my bad habits? Of course. Each time the unspoken deadline for thank you cards goes sailing past, I want to crumple in shame. My family is strong on guilty consciences, and this is probably what really gets mine going.

Don’t think I haven’t made attempts to cure myself of this rudeness. I have an entire box, decorated with prints of shoes and purchased from Hobby Lobby for this exact purpose, in which I keep thank you cards, birthday cards, blank cards, cards with my sorority colors on them – every kind of card imaginable.

I find that I’m one of those people who just kind of waits for things to get done. I’m not lazy – I’m just super busy, and somehow I get everything done. There’s usually a decent amount of procrastination, though,and somehow I just get things done. It’s kind of magical, in a horrible way.

So what can I do to fix this? Should I force myself to write thank you cards the day I receive gifts or something requiring a card? Do I need to make myself find the time to do it?

What is your advice, Internet?


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