Fashion B-port.

I’m back like Herpes. OK, bad joke, but I know you missed me over the weekend. I got to do a lot of thinking, what with recovering from the swine flu (not really) and I’ve decided to start my own version of my lifeline: The Zoe Report. Catchy title to come soon.

This week: Beauty

Seriously, if you are a hairspray lover like I am you’ve got to go get yourself a large piece of heaven in an aerosol spray can, Big Sexy Hair. It is the greatest. Not crunchy at all, just perfect. Kind of on the expensive side, but it won’t break your bank.

I’m also obsessed with O.P.I.’s new line of nail polish for Fall/Winter 09: España. My favorite (and currently on my piggies) color for right now: Ate Berries in the Canaries. But my next choice is already Here Today … Aragon Tomorrow. Plus I absolutely love their witty names. And seriously, that emerald green is fierce. Their website is super fun. You can “try on” the nail colors. (I know, no one’s hands look like that, but it’s fine.)

Happy painting,



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