The DVR Diva

I th84751705ink this should be my new official nickname. The DVR Diva. Why? Oh, probably because I have a continually growing list of around 12 shows that will call my DVR home. It’s sick, I know. Well, to help you avoid turning into me and losing control of your life, I’m going to preview three new shows premiering this fall, giving you a chance to feel things out for yourself and decide if they’re worth your time and DVR space. After that I’ll show you my full TV-watching schedule; every show of which I recommend watching. This way, you can come up with a concise, socially-acceptable list of TV shows to watch. Deal?

As I said Wednesday, the iTunes store  has a pretty sweet Fall TV section complete with free sneak peeks, previews and “starter kits” (5 minute-ish video montages of a complete series up to the newest season.). I downloaded a handful to screen and talk about here. Let’s start with ABC’s latest foray into the world of Thriller/ Sci-Fi, “Flash Forward”.

Based on the novel of the same name, “Flash Forward” takes place in modern day L.A. In the pilot, every person on the planet blacks out for exactly two minutes and seventeen seconds. In that time, they all see a gflashforward-logolimpse of their lives six months into the future. Sounds good, huh? Well the FBI inevitably gets involved and creates a database of everyone’s flashes called The Mosaic Collective. Check out the site, it’s kind of cool…and creepy. If you ask me, this organization has some ulterior motives. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out. Check out”Flash Forward” when it premieres on ABC Thursday, September 24 at 7pm (Central).

If Sci-Fi and global conspiracies aren’t your thing, how about some good ‘ole bitchy drama? Still celebrating the success of their decent reboot of the “90210” series, the CW is introducing a newly revamped “Melrose Place” to air alongside everyone’s fave zip code. Talk about your Trashy Tuesday! I’m excited about this show and I’m not even afraid to admit it. While I’m still a little upset the CW bigwigs chose to develop this series instead of the 80’s “Gossip Girl” Spin-off, I think this show will accomplish what “90210” has yet to do: present L.A. culture and style in the same way “Gossip Girl” does for NYC.

From the iTunes preview, it looks like the cast of characters is interesting and diverse. Oh yeah–and sexy as hell. Yes, Ashlee large_melrose-placeSimpson-Wentz is in it and I’m far from thrilled but who knows? Maybe she’ll surprise me. Also, the whole first season is going to be a kind of murder mystery (complete with flashbacks) about the death of Sydney Andrews, resident cougar and alum of the original “Melrose”. Sound a little like “Veronica Mars” to you too? Well I’d be lying if that wasn’t part of the reason I’m so pumped about it. Plus I’m a sucker for DEE-rama! Don’t miss “Melrose Place” when it follows the season premier of “90210” next Tuesday at 8pm (once again with the Central time).

Now on to something a little more lighthearted. While half-hour comedies aren’t really my thing (did I mention that I love dramas?), NBC’s new show “Community” looks hilarious.

The show follows Jeff (Joel McHale), a lawyer whose college degree is deemed invalid by the State Bar. He now has to go back to school and I’m sure you can imagine the shenanigans that ensue. Seriously, this show looks great and it’s about time that another collegiate show hits the airwaves (sorry boutcha, “GREEK”). Plus, I just think Joel McHale is adorable and have always had a crush on him. Oh yeah, Chevy Chase is in it too but don’t let that deter you. “Community” premiers on September 17 at 8:30pm.


These are definitely the three new shows I’m most excited about   and I think you should give them a try as well. There’s a little something for everyone!

And now, as promised, here is the full (and ever-expanding) of TV shows I plan to watch this fall. People who are pregnant or have weak constitutions should leave immediately:

  • Sunday: Desperate Housewives, Brothers&Sisters
  • Monday: Gossip Girl
  • Tuesday: 90210, Melrose Place
  • Wednesday: Glee
  • Thursday: Bones, Fringe, Community, Grey’s Anatomy, Flash Forward (This night might be problematic)
  • Friday: Smallville, Dollhouse

And there you have if, folks–further proof that your fave TV blogger has no life. I’m fine with it. I hope you all watch at least a fraction of the stuff I do this season. It’s going to be a good one 🙂

Forever keeping that DVR remote handy,

Le Chev


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  1. Kiely

    One question – when did Chevy Chase get so OLD?

    Fortunately we’re divvying up Thursdays, haha. Otherwise we’d have some serious problems.

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