How do you feel about…rompers?

I’m not going to lie, the first time I saw a romper making fashion headlines this summer, I thought, “These are worse than harem pants! And that’s sacrilege!” And then I saw one in person this summer on a girl who had the body for it, and I was surprised to find that I didn’t hate it – on her.


The jury is still out on this questionable fashion piece, so let’s go over a few styles and ways to wear it.

First of all, rompers are not for everyone. They’re definitely not a one-style-fits-all piece, and believe me, that word needs to get around. To wear a romper and look good in it, you need to have a long, lean body with almost no ass. Wait, I think I just described people who model. So why is this a national fashion trend?

I’ve heard that a romper is meant to be a cutesy cross between shorts and a dress. Fashion Police Alert: The skort has been in and out and hopefully will never come back. We really don’t need a new vision of this cross – or at least a reawakening, as my mother pointed out while telling me that she wore rompers in the 70s.

First, we’ll cover the bad.


Now, I just love the pattern on this romper – I think it’s adorable and I’d like to own something in this print. However, that doesn’t excuse how unflattering this is – and she’s a model! The top makes her chest look minimal, and the way the pants are gathered makes her ass look enormous (and you know it isn’t). Anything short that is that gathered that close to your ass is guaranteed to make it look huge. Don’t forget that.

Romper2I’m just going to say it. If you’re over 25, take off that romper and put on something that makes you look like an adult. Maybe you can go to 30 wearing rompers, but only if you have a rockin’ bod. Selma, your body looks fantastic here, but that look is too young for you. Wear what flatters your age. Take that tip to the bank.

And now on to the good! I tried to get a few pictures of real people (not models) wearing rompers, to show that real people can actually wear them.


Now, this I don’t hate. I wish the top were a bit more fitted because I don’t think it flatters her chest as well as it could, but it’s not too tight and she looks comfortable in it. My biggest problem with rompers is I hate how they look from the back, but I have a hunch this one might not even look so bad.

Romper6The interesting thing about this one is that it’s homemade – yes, she made that, and it actually looks really cute on her. She mentions in her blog that it isn’t her favorite thing or whatever, but I think it’s cute – especially with that belt to break it up.

Remember, solid colors make your body look longer!

If you must wear one, I’m of the opinion that rompers are for fun and running errands – they have no place in high fashion or as evening wear. Honestly, you just look ridiculous trying to pull that off. Not only do they make you look like a preteen, they’re just not flattering to most people.

I mean, Nicole looks all right, but I suspect it’s the very different belt breaking it up that makes the difference. Plus she has “one of those” bodies. But wait – so does Blake Lively, and why does she look like she forgot most of her outfit? Not only does she look silly, she looks uncomfortable. That romper doesn’t flatter her body in any way, and I feel like you have to work awfully hard to find something that doesn’t flatter Blake Lively (have you seen some of the things they put her in on Gossip Girl?).

So what did I finally decide?

If you can wear the romper (and its parent, the jumpsuit), then you go right on ahead and do that. I personally am not going to rush out and buy one anytime soon because I know it wouldn’t flatter my body type (no matter what style I buy), but if you want to, then I can’t stop you. Just remember in five years when you look back at pictures of yourself that I told you it probably wasn’t a good idea.

So what do you think? Do you have better or worse pictures that you can link to? More style tips?


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