The Ceiling Cat cometh


In the event of the rapture, this computer will remain manned and I will continue feeding my cat on the daily. But what about your and your pet? Are you worried that when Scotty beams you up suddenly, there will be no one to take care of your precious pets?

That’s where Eternal Earthbound Pets steps in.

I love this story. Love it. In fact, I wish I had come up with that idea.

For $110, they will feed your pet after you’ve left the building. Though the business owner never says how many customers he really has, I’m willing to bet it’s more than five.

Also, this is probably my favorite passage from the article: “I’ve got two dogs, and when I’m raptured I’m not going to be worried about anything that’s left behind,” says Susie. “ I’ve got enough friends and family members that will not be raptured so I know they will get taken care of.” Why? Bbecause of the word “raptured.” I am officially adopting it into my vernacular.

Wait. OK, I lied. THIS is my favorite part:

“I find it humorous that this fellow doesn’t share the belief is trying to turn a profit from people who do believe,” says Hank. Adds Susie: “They are smart business people, trying to make a buck. God bless them.”

Wait, isn’t that what churches do?

Yeah, I went there.

-B. Schmidt


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