Real Lesbians? WHAAAAT?

FOX’s The O.C. paved the way for the reality show Laguna Beach. Desperate Housevies, one of ABC’s powerhouse shows, was the inspiration for The Real Housewives and its 368 spin-offs. Today, that concept goes GAY.

Yesterday, Out Magazine reported that The Real L Word: Los Angeles should premiere on Showtime at some point next year. The show, inspired by the off-air drama, The L-Word, will follow six L.A. lesbians “as they go about their real lives.” Sheesh, they’re throwing around the world real so much that I’m wanting it all to be scripted just out of spite. I mean, not that I have to worry about that.

L Word Season 4 image

So what do you think? Personally, I’m getting really tired of producers taking the concept of a scripted show and turning it into “reality” TV. I mean, what’s next? The REAL Bones: actual stories about people who are horribly murdered beyond recogniton and the sexy professionals who solve the crimes? Alright, so the title needs a little work but I doubt that we’re far from that, people. Originality is a word I’m seeing less and less of in the world of TV.

Who knows, though. Maybe it’ll be a great [read: interestingly trashy] show that receives a ton of acclaim and spawns several inevitable spin-offs. In that case, I totally want to audition for The REAL Queer as Folk: The Bible Belt.

With a song in my heart and a cardigan on my back,

Le Chev


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