iLove Fall TV

The wait is almost over–Fall TV is nearly here. Thank Christ.

Summer is officially my least favorite time of year for several non-sunburn-related reasons, the most important of which being the 3-month Network Television Drought. Next week, though, all of that changes. Shows will start premiering as early as next Tuesday (90210 and Melrose Place, for example) and iTunes is ready.

God bless Steve Jobs.

God bless Steve Jobs.

If you head on over to the TV section of the iTunes store, you’ll find a handy little guide to fall TV, complete with FREE previews and sneak peaks. That’s right, FREE! No excuses. No exceptions. I’m still downloading all mine but I’ll come back in a few days with a reoport of (what I believe to be) which new shows deserve DVR-attention.

Happy downloading!

Le Chev


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