I am going vegetarian

I love animals. In fact, I probably love animals more than I love people. (I think it’s because they don’t talk.)

Though my absolute favorite animal is the common house cat, baby chicks are for sure in my top 10. I mean, who wouldn’t think this is adorable:



That’s why I was absolutely horrified/outraged when I watched this:

I will not lie: I cried when I watched that. I am done with meat. (Thankfully my family gets most of our eggs from a friend who raises chickens.)

I’m still trying to recover from seeing that….

-B. Schmidt



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2 responses to “I am going vegetarian

  1. Being a vegetarian is a wonderful thing. I had to stop doing it, because my body was consistently anemic the entire 2 years I was veggie. Now I only eat chicken and turkey, and not much of it.

    I wish you the best of luck. You’ll feel healthier than you’ve ever felt in your life, no lie. I had a friend who thought she was over weight so she went to a dietitian and he said the number one way to lose weight without much effort is to eliminate beef from your diet. Crazy, huh?

    Good luck! If you need any support or tips, etc., let me know!

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