Bigger isn’t always better


Ma’am, it’s a vagina, not a clown car.

The Duggar family is expecting baby No. 19 in March. Mrs. Duggar took a pregnancy test on a whim and discovered she was pregnant.

OK, first of all, who takes a pregnancy test on a whim? Does she have a cabinet full of them on hand, just in case?

At this point, child birth probably isn’t an ordeal to her. You know that portal is so used that the baby could pretty much just stroll up on out of there like it’s no big deal.

-B. Schmidt


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One response to “Bigger isn’t always better

  1. John

    What’s sad is the older kids end up raising the younger ones since there are so many. There’s just something weird about everyone in the picture. Plus the oldest kid just got married (they’ve barely touched each other) and is already expecting a kid with his wife.

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