Target slapping a bargain bin price tag on Blair Waldorf’s walk-in closet. Talk about a faux pas.

You read right people, Target has teamed up with designer Anna Sui to bring a line of GG-inspired outfits to a bad decision near you. At work this morning I stumbled upon this ad on the back of an Us Weekly:


Um, I’m sorry–I missed the episode where Blair dresses up as a down-on-her-luck GoGo dancer. Must be a director’s cut.


In July, New York Magazine released a slide show of the line’s look book which features outfits inspired by the four main femme fatales: Blair, Serena, Jenny and Vanessa. Please go look at them. Blair looks like a Pilgrim, S looks like a hooker (in the black lace number), Jenny overdosed on Hot Topic juice and Vanessa…ugh. There are no words for V’s faux-wardrobe. I don’t recall her obsession with orange and brown, do you?

I mean, really. These outfits look like something you’d find at a costume store near the end of September. 8th grade Halloween party anyone? Let’s not.

So what’s the solution if you want to look like your fave Upper East Siders? Do yourself a favor and go to The Gap. Get a few moderately priced things and maybe splurge on one or two more expensive items. After that, hit up an antique store or something and stock up on vintage jewelry (floral for Blair, sparkly for Serena). Mix it all together and you’re good to go!

I just think this whole cheap-o depot GG line defeats the purpose and spirit of the show: luxury and excess. How luxurious are you going to feel if your strutting around in a faux lace top with a permanently attached bow? Exactly.

Well I think that was a rant that even Gossip Girl would approve of.


Le Chev


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