The ebb and flow(chart)

I read this article on Boing Boing today and had major flashbacks to my childhood.

Growing up, I watched my father cuss, fuss and fight with computers. He is an IBM man through and through. (With the exception of his beloved iPhone.) For whatever reason, he thought IBMs were great family computers. Every two or three years, a new one would show up on the computer desk. And every two or three months, he would have to disassemble, reassemble and reload everything because something mysteriously went wrong with the PC.

I vividly remember having the graphics card go out in one. Every 10 or so minutes, the screen would flash or turn a different color. You could still see what was on the screen, it would just be tinted. That computer tended to favor a bright shade of magenta. I found a relatively easy way to correct the colors: Kick the huge, clunky tower.

Eventually my father dismembered it, declared it dead and replaced it. (We went from Windows ’95 to Windows ’98 with that move!)

Fast-forward to the summer between my senior year of high school and freshman year in college: I committed IBM blasphemy and went Apple with a MacBook Pro. My father refused to speak to me for a bit and to this day refuses to touch either mine or my mother’s Macs. (Though I will have to pry his iPhone from his cold, dead hands.)

Seeing this PC Repair Flowchart:

repair flow

I was inspired to create the Apple Repair Flowchart:


-B. Schmidt


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