Happy Tuesday Web surfers, Le Chev here with this season’s must-own DVD box set.

Gossip Girl’s second season, while schizophrenic, has been masterfully collected into a beautiful seven-disc set. In addition to all 25 episodes, the set boasts deleted scenes and some excellent featurettes that would leave Gossip Girl herself hard pressed to find anything to complain about.

Now, before you call me behind the times for reviewing a set that was released on August 18th, I have two very good reasons. One, The Raving Wheat wasn’t up and running at that time, which — in my opinion — is a pretty damn good reason. And two, the new season is a mere two weeks away.

So my fellow Gossipites, I thought it prudent to review the DVDs this week, leaving you ample time to buy and watch them so you won’t be lost during my season 2 recap next week.

Any questions? Excellent.

Because I’m going to delve into the headache-inducing complexities of season two next Tuesday, I’ll hold off on talking about individual episodes and storylines. What does that leave? Two words, four syllables:

Special Features.gossip-girl-season-2-dvd_394x512

As with the season one set, Warner Home Video did a pretty good job with the bonus content. Aside from the obligatory deleted scenes (I’m sorry, but deleted scenes are deleted for a reason), fans can look forward to a gag real (aptly named “LOL”), a featurette exploring the art and fashion of the show, an interactive map of the show’s locations and the hilarious webisode series Chasing Dorota. There’s also a downloadable audio book of the second Gossip Girl novel.

Did you remember that the show was based on a novel? Yeah, we don’t care either. Unless there are pics of Ed Westwick involved, of course.

The best feature is definitely Faces Behind the Design. It explores the inspiration and work behind the fashion, art and photography featured on Gossip Girl. The ghost designers for both the Waldorf and J. Humphrey clothing lines are introduced and talk about the process of working on the show. Come on, how could you resist learning the secret’s behind Little J’s Euro-Punk collection?

Oh yeah, they talk about the inspiriation behind Aaron Rose’s artwork, too. Um, hwo cares? Everyone hated A and his broody man-bangs. So glad the writers got rid of that artsy fart.

I have a dream. It’s a mandatory all that states all DVD sets must include a blooper reel. Seriously. What is funnier than two actors physically unable to get through a scene due to extreme bouts of laughter?

Luckily GG’s set delivers with the “LOL” feature. Ten minutes of pure Upper East Side silliness. Highlights include Ed Westwick flawlessly switching between American and British accents while screwing up lines, Matthew Settle’s iPhone (holla!) going off while filming and Leighton Meester’s inability to not laugh. Let’s face it; our favorite NYCentric show can get a little ridic so it’s nice to see the actors laughing it up during production.

Rounding out the set are the interactive set maps and the hilarious Chasing Dorota webisodes. While not as strong as the other special features, they give you something else to do after you’ve re-watched “Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou?” for the fourth time.

Bottom line, people: get this set. If you’re a GG fan then you owe it to yourself and to our favorite spoiled Jr. Socialites to snag a copy from the nearest Hastings or Target. Trust me when I say you will rediscover so many kick-ass outfits it will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. Plus, having all the eps on DVD means you can pause the show while you try to Google cheap but close-looking alternatives to Blair’s headbands or Chuck’s bowties.

I’m going to stop now because I know you left your computer to go buy the set. Unless you have an iPhone or a lame knock-off with internet access. Then you’re still probably reading. Or getting ran over because you’re still reading.

OK, I’ll stop now.

Come back next Tuesday, a mere week before season three premiers for a mind-boggling recap of Gossip Girl’s second season!

With a song in my head and a cardigan on my back,

-Le Chev


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