High School Comic Book or X-Men Musical?

I don’t have the Book of Revelations on hand but surely this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

DisneyboughtMarvel. There, I said it. It happened. The New York times broke the story yesterday. The pixie dust-slinging motherfuckers bought Marvel for $4 billion. This is isn’t a bad dream or the Twilight Zone…though if it was I guess I wouldn’t really know either way. Aaaand now I just creeped myself out.


Anyway, back to my life going up in flames. WHAT THE HELL DISNEY? Is owning Pixar, ABC and a decent portion of THE WORLD not enough? You have to go defile sacred Nerd Grounds as well? And don’t even think I buy into all that ‘but we don’t have many franchises for boys’ bullshit. If you can come up with Hannah Montana and Disney Princesses for girls, I trust in your little Micky Mouse Minions’ imaginations to come up with ORIGINAL material for boys as well.

Sooner or later, Disney will be in control of every intellectual property and entertainment company, leaving us with very little to choose from. Yeah, I guess it’s good for Marvel in that they’ll have a way deeper money pool to dive into when it comes to film production but come on. They have to know that anything’s fair game with Mickey and Friends. What’s next? X-Men Musical or High School Comic Book?marvel-comic-logo

I like broadway and showtunes just as much as the next gay boy but if Wolverine exchanges claws for jazz hands, I quit life. And don’t even get me started on the possibility of Disney cartoon remakes of my fave superheroes.

I’m keeping my eyes peeled and my ears low to the ground for any news pertaining to Disney’s insidious plot to destroy the geek community.

I need a cape cod. And a copy of The Astonishing X-Men.

-Le Chev


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