Bitch move

The vultures are already circling Ted Kennedy’s open Senate seat.

The poor man hasn’t even been in the ground for three days and already political ladder climbers are popping out of the Massachusetts woodwork to take over Kennedy’s post. According to this article in the Boston Globe, Mass. the rather audacious Attorney General Martha Coakley was the first to pick up the paper work to put herself in the running.

From Getty Images

From Getty Images

Now, I’m a fan of getting things done early, but seriously? The dirt hasn’t even settled on his coffin yet. At least wait a week, lady. The election isn’t for another five months. Chill, homegirl.

But this story gets better. From the article:

“Coakley has been quietly been putting together her Senate campaign over the past year, but has yet to announce officially. She has told associates she will run for the seat even if a Kennedy family member enters the race.”

I’m sorry, what? She planned to run against a Kennedy? Um, hi, is she new to the US? Him dying is the only way she’s going to have a chance in hell. Even then, I hope she loses.

-B. Schmidt


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